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New York car accident lawyers in New York, NY (NYC) helping auto accident victims pursue their legal rights. We are a NY law firm that takes on insurance companies whose negligent clients have caused your injuries.

Have you been injured in a New York car accident? Ajlouny Injury Law New York City car accident lawyers, personal injury attorneys will advise you of your rights for FREE.

The days, months, even years ahead are going to be difficult if you have suffered serious injuries from an accident.

The minute you are rear-ended, t-boned or bind-sighted in an accident your life will drastically change. Injured In An Motor Vehicle Accident? We Can Help - Call Now: 212-252-2081.

Our personal injury law firm offers free consultations specializing in:
Personal Injury, Auto Accidents, Injury To Minor, Wrongful Death, Bicycle Accident Injury, Pedestrian Accidents.

Surmounting medical bills, lost wages physical recovery & rehabilitation, pain, suffering, car damages, and living expenses pile on. You need an advocate that will fight for your rights. Attempting to fight an insurance company giving you the runaround -- will be an exhausting chore leaving you vulnerable to bullying tactics.

When injured in a car accident or auto crash in Manhattan, NYC, hire a personal injury law firm that will fight for your rights. Let New York Car Accident Lawyers help you.

We have handled New York personal injury, car accident cases for over 30 years, recovering millions of dollars for our clients. Injured in an auto accident in Manhattan (NYC), Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx or Long Island? Contact our personal injury law firm at 212-252-2081. We protect the legal rights of New York car accident victims.


Hiring a New York personal injury lawyer is not an easy task. The end results of your personal injury claim depends on the right choice. Here's what our attorneys bring to the table:

  • Winning Trial Verdicts

  • Record number Settlements

  • Negotiations with Insurance Companies

  • Reputation Power

  • Investigative Savvy

  • NO Win - No Fee

  • Explaining The Personal Injury Process

  • Properly Educating Our Clients

  • Always Communicating With Our Clients

Verdicts & Settlements For Our Clients:

  • Hit by City Utility Service Truck - $1.5 - $5 million

  • Pedestrian Struck - $200,000 - $700,000

  • Struck by sanitation Garbage Truck $400,000 - $6.5 million

  • Car Accident in Kings County - $4 Million

  • Crosswalk Accident $150,000 - $1.5 Million

  • Rear-end Collision $500,000 - S1.2 Million

  • Passenger Seriously Injured - $450,000

  • LIE Collision 5 Million

  • MTA Accident - $750,000

  • Vehicle Accident in Long Island 2.5 Million


Have you been injured in an accident due to the negligence of another person? Serious injuries are an indication that you have a strong personal injury case. Another thing to consider is whether the injury has started a mountain of medical bills to pile, including time away from work equaling lost wages.


The $$ Worth of a personal injury case  will depend on several factors:

  1. How serious are the injuries.

  2. Medical bills

  3. Pain & suffering

We are considered to be one of the top New York personal injury law firms. WE SETTLE before trial 99.9% of the time.

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After being rear-ended by an express bus, the office of Ajlouny Injury Law went above and beyond unlike any service provider I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. What really put my experience over the top of the bar was dealing with the attorneys, Paul, Ed and staff. They put 110% into every part of my case from helping me schedule appointments and to getting me lost wage checks while I was injured and out of work. They were able to get things done. If you have a case that needs to be handled the right way, they're the ones to do it for you. Keep up the top notch work Paul, Ed and staff and team.

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