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Car accidents can leave an injured victims traumatized. New York car accident lawyers can help accident victims pursue their legal rights. Our NYC personal injury law firm takes on insurance companies whose negligent clients have caused your injuries. If the other driver’s insurance company is calling, leaving messages, or showing up at your hospital bed let them know that you have a New York car accident lawyer and to speak to us.

Have you been injured in a New York car accident? See a doctor ASAP following an auto accident. Just because you think you feel ok, doesn't mean you are. We see this all the time when prospective clients call-in to our NYC office for help. You may be injured and not even know it.

Your doctors records are the ammunition we need to fight for your maximum compensation possible. We will ask you for the accident report and a copy of any medical records pertaining to the accident.

What to do after a NYC car accident

  • Call 911 to report a person hurt in an accident.
  • Say Nothing
  • Take Notes / Pictures
  • Contact a NYC car accident lawyer
  • Pick-up the accident report

When injured in a car crash in NYC, hire personal injury lawyers that will fight for your rights. Let New York Car Accident Lawyers help you. We have handled New York personal injury, car accident cases for over 30 years, recovering millions of dollars for our clients. Contact our personal injury law firm at 212-252-2081. We protect the legal rights of New York car accident victims.


Hiring a New York personal injury lawyer is not an easy task. The end results of your personal injury claim depends on the right choice.

Verdicts & Settlements:

  • Hit by City Utility Service Truck - $1.5 - $5 million

  • Pedestrian Struck - $200,000 - $700,000

  • Struck by sanitation Garbage Truck $400,000 - $6.5 million

  • Car Accident in Kings County - $4 Million

  • Crosswalk Accident $150,000 - $1.5 Million

  • Rear-end Collision $500,000 - S1.2 Million

  • Passenger Seriously Injured - $450,000

  • LIE Collision 5 Million

  • MTA Accident - $750,000

  • Vehicle Accident in Long Island 2.5 Million


Serious injuries are an indication that you have a strong personal injury case. Another thing to consider is whether the injury has started a mountain of medical bills to pile, including time away from work equaling lost wages.


The $$ Worth of a personal injury case  will depend on several factors:

  1. How serious are the injuries.

  2. Medical bills

  3. Pain & suffering

We are considered to be one of the top New York personal injury law firms. WE SETTLE before trial 99.9% of the time.

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We Ensure Compensation For Your Losses!

We hold negligent parties responsible for your accident for the following losses and damages:

  • Medical Costs
  • Pain and Suffering
  • Loss of Earnings and Earning Capacity
  • Loss of Consortium
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