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When I slip and fell in my local grocery store I decided to call the Offices of New York Car Accident Lawyers. Paul and Ed took The case and helped me through the whole process. Today I am feeling great with the end result. Thank you Paul and ...
After being rear-ended by an express bus, the office of Ajlouny Injury Law went above and beyond unlike any service provider I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. What really put my experience over the top of the bar was ...
New York Car Accident Lawyers is where you should go for all your legal needs! They are a professional office, and they take time with each and every client paying close attention to detail.They care about you and your case. They work hard to ensure that your legal rights are not ignored! Highly recommended.
In March 2017 I had a horrible car accident and I called Ajlouny Injury Law and was real happy I did. This is a great Law Firm and they have gone above and beyond to help me through a horrible time in my life. I would recommend them to ...
This firm has extremely knowledgeable and capable attorneys and staff. They managed my case very well and eventually settled it the highest dollar amount. I will definitely use this firm again as well as refer them to friends and relatives! Mrs. Rashad
I had so many questions and called a few offices on a Saturday after my car accident in New York. The only office that picked up on a Saturday at 2:00 was this one. And I got to speak to Paul right away. He helped ease my concerns and ...
I called New York Car Accident Lawyers when i was injured in a car accident. Paul Ajlouny and his team were professional and compassionate. They kept me informed and answered all of my questions whenever I called. Paul made sure I received the ...
I was in an accident last year and chose New York Car Accident Lawyers to represent me for my injuries. They made the whole process stress free and kept me updated throughout the whole case. I received the settlement I deserved, thanks to Paul ...

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