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Unfortunately car accidents happen in New York more often then we'd like to think. An auto accident can leave an individual in shock and with injuries yet to be determined. Car accident victims are then faced with the overwhelming question, “What do I do next?

Insurance companies deal with car accidents daily. They are the road block to the support and compensation that you the accident victim deserve. Your injuries and well being are of no consequences to an insurance company. They don't care that you may of suffered from whiplash, broken bones, debilitating spinal cord injury or brain injury due to someone else’s negligence on the highway.

We have dealt with vehicle accidents for over a decade. Our law firm know exactly how to deal with insurance companies. We make it our business to make sure that you recover the money you need and deserve to pay your hospital bills and make up for your lost wages.


We will arrange a home or hospital visits to discuss your accident. If you have a health condition or injury and are unable to travel, we come to you. If you or a loved one have been injured in a car wreck, traffic collision or vehicle crash call for a free consultation 212-252-2081 or them at

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