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traumatic brain injury attorneyTraumatic brain injury (TBI) refers to brain damage a person suffers from a sudden impact. Attorneys at the New York law firm represent victims who have suffered a brain injury from an impact to the head.

Vehicle accidents that have been known to cause head trauma can include: SUV accidents or semi-truck accident, and single-car collisions where the occupant is thrown from the vehicle. Vehicle rollovers in trucks, vans, and SUVs, are known to cause severe head trauma due to a roof crush when the vehicle rolls over.

Top Two Causes Of A Head Injury: Auto Accident and Motorcycle Accident

Other Common head trauma accidents are caused when a pedestrians, bicyclists, or motorcyclists collide with a vehicle. Road defects or dangerous conditions can cause severe head trauma to a bicyclists. Pedestrians when struck by any vehicle, can be left with multiple catastrophic injuries including a brain injury.

Construction sites to bystanders walking near a construction zones are at risk of falling objects and other dangers. Structural collapses, elevator malfunctions, boating accidents and near drowning are also potential causes of brain injury. Birth trauma at delivery can cause a brain injury. Babies deprived of oxygen during delivery, can cause brain damage.

Victims seriously injured in a car wreck, traffic collision or vehicle crash and have suffered trauma to the head, need an experienced New York head trauma attorney to protect their rights.

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